Open-Heart Surgery Date Has Been Set

Open-Heart Surgery Date Has Been Set

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Let’s just say, life has been a bit out of whack over the past 2 weeks. I know there are many who have been waiting for an update on Noah’s status. Stephanie suggested that I send out an update. So here we go.

A week ago, we were given a date for Noah’s open-heart surgery.

March 11th is Noah’s Open-Heart Surgery Date

On March 11th, we will head into Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City for Noah’s surgery. What that fully entails in exact detail, we do not know right now. As the date gets closer, we will learn of the exact timing. We will make sure that we inform everyone of the times so we can send out the flurry of prayers for Noah. Stay tuned in for that.

How Is Noah Doing?

Noah still fought through his sickness a bit after returning from the hospital for a few days. He came home with oxygen and we had to learn not to trip over the hose running through the house, but that hose is gone now. He no longer needs oxygen.

Noah has been doing great over the past few days. He is cleared from the sickness and only minimal congestion. One of the other deals about Noah was he was vomiting a ton. That has also settle down. Praise God because this kid needs to gain weight.

When we were in the hospital, Noah weighed in at 11 lbs. 11 oz. The doctors want him at 13 lbs. for the surgery. In comparison, Stephen, our middle son was 19 lbs. at 6 months old. Noah will be 6 months old at the time of surgery. Because of Noah’s two holes in his heart, it has slowed down his weight gain. So we are praying for him to chunk up.

Well, this last week, Noah weighed in at 12 lbs. 7 oz. That is just one week out of the hospital. We do not have a feeding tube, but one very determined Mommy who is experienced with putting on weight with our babies. This was a big battle we had with Fayth before her open-heart surgery. Familiar grounds.Noah Open-Heart Surgery Date

Anticipating the Arrival of Brother and Sister

These past 2 weeks have been really quiet in the Buckley household. Anyone who really knows our family, knows how abnormal this is. As Fayth and Stephen have been in Arizona for the past 2 weeks, we have been able to focus a lot of time on Noah.

But we greatly miss our two other kids. This is not part of the journey we planned on. Shoot, we did not plan on any of this.

Well, this coming Saturday Fayth and Stephen will be flying back home. Even better, it will be on Stephen’s 2nd birthday. Super excited for this Valentine’s Day Birthday.

Thank You For Your Support

When we first went into the hospital a few weeks ago, some friends of our started a GoFundMe campaign for us. We have been beyond blessed during this adventure. We saw people coming out from all over the nation to help raise over $10,000 in just a few days. We cannot begin to explain how much this means to us. We still do not have any idea how great this will impact us with medical bills, but we have a pretty good idea. And this support will help us out tremendously.

What is even more encouraging is who came together to financially support us. In an amazing way, a buddy and teammate of mine from Newbury Park High School sent out a challenge to have Newbury Park High School support us. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Matt Amundson took the lead and gathered so many in this adventure. We are so humbled and blessed by this act of love from Matt and all the others from Newbury Park.

In addition, we saw family members and friends from all over support us. It has truly been so amazing. We love you all. Thank you.

Other Family Health Matters

In a spin of events this past week, we got a message from my brother and sister-in-law, Jason and Brigett, that their youngest was having some issues with her liver. Journey Fayth is 3 months younger than Noah and is now at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for testing.Journey Fayth

Our hearts go out to Journey and Jason, Brigett, and the rest of their kids during this time. They do not have all their answers yet, but should have more understanding Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

For those who do not know my brother and his family, can you please pray for Journey? Pray for healing for our sweet little niece. Also pray for the peace and rest for Jason and Brigett. If you would like to follow more of their story, you can go here on their Facebook group.

What To Pray For

As you can see, our prayer list has been added to. Can I ask that you pray for Noah and his heart? Please pray for the preparation for open-heart surgery and his recovery. Please pray for his weight gain before the surgery. The heavier and stronger he is the greater recovery he will have.

Can you also pray for Fayth and Stephen? While they have been in Arizona, they both have had their fights with sickness. Right now Stephen has two ear infections. We really need our kids to be healthy by the time they get back to Utah on Saturday. Noah cannot get sick again.

Lastly, please pray for our niece Journey Fayth. Please pray for answers and the healing of her liver. We are praying for this sweet little angel to be filled with God’s grace and love during their stay in the hospital. Love you guys Jason and Brigett, Journey, and the rest of your kids.

Where We Go From Here?

I am not sure. We are traveling down a path that is somewhat familiar in open-heart surgery, but it is a new beast. With Fayth, it was a solo ride with family living around us. This time we are in Utah while family is in Arizona and California. Also, we have 2 more kids during this journey.

We are thankful for God’s peace during the past few weeks. While we do not all that the future holds, we know who holds it. Stephanie and I have had an interesting journey with Jesus during this time. I can share more about this later, but it is has been very interesting and good.

God is at work here. We are resting in His presence, His understanding, and hold on for this wild ride ahead.

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