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BLOG OVERVIEW: Today’s society needs to answer the call of God, MEN BE STRONG. What has happened to the strength of kingdom men?

Men Be Strong Kingdom Bodybuilder

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Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.Ephesians 6:10

The gym was never my favorite place in high school. We were demanded to be in the weight room by our football coaches and it made sense. However, I didn’t want to go to the gym.

Every time I thought about going to the gym, nerves welled up in my stomach. I would imagine everyone making fun of me. “Look, here comes that string bean kid.

I really didn’t know how to workout, so I thought, “What good was it for me to go to the gym.

When I graduated high school, I couldn’t bench more than 170 lbs. on my best day.

After high school, I decided I would learn how to workout. I put a lot of diligent work behind working out. After working out off and on for the past 12 years, I could say, I am not embarrassed to walk into the gym anymore.

Just last year, I maxed out at 290 lbs. on the bench press. I was pumped. I never before thought that would be possible.

When my view of the gym changed, I BECAME STRONG.

No-This Is Not About Working Out, Necessarily

The tie is there, but this post is not about working out.

Strength conditioning has many obstacles and issues. Typically, people walk into the gym and are crippled by the “impressive” bodybuilders. Their ripped muscles and bulging biceps simply scream at you, “Look at the pansy that just walked in the doors.” At least, that is what it did for me.

Then it changed in college.

I decided I would learn. I decided I was not going to be shutdown by those other gym-rats.

I grew in knowledge, experience, and strength.

I stepped up to the challenge when the deck was stacked against me. That deck was my weakness.

Kingdom Bodybuilders In Scripture

Line up Joshua, David, Moses, Peter, and Paul. Would anyone dare call them pansies? I doubt it.

I especially look at Joshua and I start shaking. Who would have liked to be in his army? Don’t do ANYTHING wrong, he will kill you. He had high accountability and high call, but it also produced one of the greatest army fortresses in history.

You don’t conquer a land like Canaan in fear or timidity. There is a reason why the book of Joshua mentions the phrase “be strong” 6 times and 4 times in chapter 1. If they were going to conquer their enemies, THEY MUST BE STRONG. It has to start at the foundation.

Where Are Our Kingdom Bodybuilders?

There is no question, most men today are not what scripture would qualify as strong.

Just look at families today. Look specifically at the Christian homes in America. Where is the leadership? Where is the responsibility? Where are the men leading their families into the promise land?

No Sugar Coating The Challenge

God designed men to be the challenger or to be challenged. We see men flocking to anything with a competitive nature. Millions of men gather around the television set every Sunday to scream at their team. Men will sit down and watch Gladiator and Braveheart a thousand times over and it will never get old.

Men flock to challenge, battle, and competition.

But society has pulled a fast one over the eyes of men:

  • Instead of going to battle, they watch a movie about battles.
  • Instead of competing, they watch other compete and cheer them on.
  • Instead of being challenged, they engage in anything that doesn’t directly involve them.

Society has replaced a man’s nature to be challenged or challenge with technology. As a result, men no longer want to go to the gym because of fear and timidity. Their gym is on the iPhone, TV, and even video gaming system.

*You want to help steal the fight out of your son’s? Let them play video games on war all day. That will do the trick. They will get all of their fighting and challenge fix in video games.

They are fearful of being challenged, pushed, and trained out of their existing life. They fear looking like idiots. They fear looking like they don’t have it all together. They fear they may be embarrassed.

So men go through the rhythm of the day and avoid challenges, rather than tackle the challenges.

This mindset has stolen the fight out of men.

Men are NOT fighting for their marriage, their kids, and their SAVIOR. They would rather watch the fight on their new 70 inch LED LCD Flat Screen TV.

What Would Happen If…Men Be Strong?

  • What would happen if men walked into the gym of spiritual strength conditioning and started learning?
  • What would happen if men took the call to “be strong” seriously?
  • What would happen if men started growing in strength and confidence?
  • What would happen if men took headship like God called them to do?


By the way, this is not a knock against women. In fact, I would give them more praise because they have stepped into the gap of the missing link.


But the problem is, women can’t do the job of a man. Likewise, men cannot do the job of a woman.

Answering The Call, MEN BE STRONG!

If we ever want to see a great impact in this world, men need to take God’s call seriously.

  • It is time to do away with the fear.
  • It is time to shed off the passivity.
  • It is time to lose the challenge fixation through reality TV.
  • It is time to lace up our boots and go to battle.

Paul says in Ephesians 6:10, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Just to let you know, there are 3 words in this one verse that refer to strength in Greek. 3 words. Yes, 3, WORDS!

Do you think Paul was calling us to something?

There is an enemy hovering over your marriage, house, career, and life. The enemy is in the business of stealing families and he has chosen to use the lack of MANHOOD as his avenue to penetrate the wall of God’s blessings through families.

It is time we fight back. It is time we answer the call of God to be strong and courageous.

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