Listen To Noah’s Open-Heart Surgery Story

Listen To Noah’s Open-Heart Surgery Story

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Noah is just at the beginning of his journey. If you would like to be a part of his prayer team and get update more regularly, feel free to sign-up for updates.

After writing for the past few days, I wanted to share our story in a different way. Writing is not something that comes easy to me, but speaking on the other hand, I love.

I talked to Steph and we both agreed that it might be more therapeutic for me to speak out our journey so far. So yesterday, I sat down behind the mic and spoke out our journey up to this point.

Listen To The Story On iTunes

For some of you, this is a much better way to follow along or at least know the whole story.

I recorded a podcast on my show Building SPECIAL Families. This was a podcast that I had been hosting weekly for almost 6 months. Then Noah came in the world and our lives got a little busy.

I used iTunes to be able to host it.

Thank you for all the continued prayers.

In addition, thank you for all of our friends who have put together the GoFundMe Campaign – Noah Buckley’s Heart. Words cannot explain enough the gratitude.

About Jared Buckley

Experienced in family adversity, Jared has witnessed the great potential in hardships. Jared has spent the last 10 years coaching, teaching, and leading all members of families. From teaching teenagers to counseling couples, Jared has focused his energy on showing the great potential for families and marriages who leverage adversity through the power of Christ.