Happy Birthday To The Most Beautiful Woman

BLOG OVERVIEW: One of the ways I can be creative in giving a gift to Stephanie is by letter. Instead of writing a letter directly to her, I am going to share my letter to you as the reader.

Happy Birthday To The Most Beautiful Woman

Dear Stephanie,

I am daily amazed at the woman you are and have become. I still can’t even believe it has already been nearly 8 years since we first met. Time flies. And shoot, look, we have 3 kids now too. Woooo…

Steph, you are the most amazing wife. I am blown away at how supportive and loving you are to your all so imperfect husband. You have always been right there next to me, encouraging me to keep fighting even when everything does not look so great. You keep encouraging.

Steph, you are truly an inspiring mom. Not only are you a mom to 3 kids, but you are also a mom to our special little girl. The amount of patience, care, and teaching you possess to our kids, BLOWS MY MIND! I continually observe how much our kids love you. They adore their mom. I also love how you share Jesus with our kids. Are we perfect in that adventure? Nope. But you keep on putting Jesus first in our home and to our kids.

Stephanie and Jared Cruise Happy BirthdaySteph, you are an amazing woman of God. Your love for Jesus pushes me to be a better disciple, man, husband, and father. You know how you have inspired me on many occasions with your walk with Jesus. The fire that you possess, is contagious. I see how other women flock to you and want to listen to your heart. The passion and drive that you possess is incredible. Women see, God sees it, and I see it.

Babe, I can’t say enough about the woman that you have become. In front of my very eyes, you have transformed into an even more amazing woman than I married nearly 7 years ago. I didn’t even know that was possible, but you did it.

Thank you for being my partner, my wife, and my best friend. You have stolen my heart and my love. Thank you for being an amazing wife, mom, and woman. Thank you for all the time you spend in the areas I never see. Thank you for the prayers that I have never heard. Thank you for choosing me as your husband.

I love you Babe and Happy Birthday.

I love you,

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