How Entitlement In Kids Will Blind-Side Parents

How Entitlement In Kids Will Blind-Side Parents

Blog Overview: Parenting to all of our kids wants and desires will leave us blind-sided by entitlement.

WARNING: This post could blind-side you.

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I Never Realized I Was Teaching Our Kids Entitlement

Kids in today’s society are more inclined to possess entitlement. Most parents would admittedly agree and think they would never assist in raising an entitled child.

But reality likes to blind-side us.

This was true for one of our neighbors. After reading the recent post about permissive parenting in kids sports, they shared how just a couple of months ago, they were smacked with this reality. They were preparing the summer schedule to keep the kids busy and entertained. Then it hit our friend, why? “Am I teaching our kids to be entitled?”

Is it a parent’s job to entertain and occupy our children? What is the motivation and reasoning?

You and I are not excluded from “these” parents. We are all guilty to some degree. We need to change.

What Leads Entitlement In Kids?

So what is leading to entitlement in kids? I have just complied a few items that might be the cause for entitlement in your child.

Entitlement in Kids Despair

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What did I miss? Leave a comment below about what you would add to this list.

  1. Possession. We live in a society where we have more possessions than ever before in history. This is partly due to the disposable technology age we live in. TV’s last for 5 years at best now. We “need” the new iPhone 6 when it is released because our iPhone 4S is dying. The more material possessions our children receive, the more they will be trained to believe they need the new and best possession.
  2. Urgency. Who waits for anything anymore? Amazon can ship items to your doorstep by tomorrow afternoon. It seems as though everything is on-demand today. This means our children are conditioned to believe in the “now” syndrome.I want it now!” Ever heard that before?
  3. Convenience. Closely tied to urgency is convenience. Remember when gas stations use to be gas stations. Now they are bigger than some ol’ Ma and Pa grocery shops. We have more selections of food variety than ever before. We have every type of fast food or even Jimmy John’s delivering to our work place so we don’t have to stop working. We can talk to our loved ones in China with one click on the computer. Are our kids being conditioned to know they will have anything conveniently within 5 minutes of their desires? Is this good or bad?
  4. Rewards. Understand praising your children is not bad, but be careful. If you praise your child with a reward for everything they do correctly, they will be conditioned to feel as though they always deserve a reward. What happens in the real world when they don’t receive a reward for their actions? We might know what happens, but do children? How will they react? What are we training our children to believe they deserve or “need?”
  5. Expectancy. Children need to learn the word “no.” Just because you can or want to give them the world, should you? No. Many or nearly all of the items above have some contingency to expectation. When children expect to have anything they want from their parents, they will transfer that mindset to their boss, spouse, and society in the future. Be careful in letting your child expect or deserve the world. They might be greatly hurt in the future when the world disappoints their expectation.

Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

While I pointed to 5 items that could be leading your child towards entitlement, these are not all bad in of themselves.


We have been blessed with many of these items, but when our children begin to expect or demand the world, pull back. For some of you, you might feel as though it is too late. Your child is way too spoiled and you never saw it coming. Your intentions were always pure, but you were blind-sided.

It is not too late. There is still hope to change your child’s future direction. Start now.

My point to this post is to be aware of what you are conditioning your son or daughter to believe, need, and expect. Entitlement in kids can destroy parents, marriages, and families. Do not let this virus manifest in your home. Kick it out. It needs to be gone. Put your foot down and change the culture of your home.

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