Baby Brother Brings Excitement To The Family

Baby Brother Brings Excitement To The Family

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Baby Brother Meets Brother and Sister

Stephen and Fayth walked into our hospital room. Both were excited to see Mom, but didn’t really realize the additional “baby doll” in their mom’s arms.

I walked over to Steph and grabbed Noah. I called the two siblings over to meet Noah. As I squatted down, Fayth came walking over without any hesitation. “Reserved Fayth” seemed to be not an option. Stephen on the other hand stood away, unsure about the encounter.

Fayth walked up to Noah, something that did not happen when Stephen was born, and leaned over with a beaming smile.

She was in love.

Why wouldn’t she be in love? She was getting a real life baby doll.

Without any indicator, Fayth initiated Noah into her world.Baby Brother Brings Excitement


An open-hand-smack in the face said 4 simple words, “Welcome to the family!

Immediately Noah started crying, obviously, and we responded with our famous Fayth phrase, “We don’t hit, be NIIICCEEE.

Poor Noah never saw it coming.

We weren’t too worried about Stephen, he would eventually adjust, but what about Fayth? We wondered if we were going to have to watch her like a hawk with Noah. This is not what we were hoping for. We do not want to keep Fayth away from Noah for his own safety, so we needed to do something.

We kept Fayth at a distance the rest of the day. Then the following day when Fayth and Stephen came back to the hospital, it was time for round 2.

But this time, Fayth was different. She was still very excited about Noah, but there was restraint in her excitement.

Fayth and self-restraint? No way…

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